Build an Addictive Brand for your Business

Build an Addictive Brand for your Business

Do you want to build a brand that keeps people coming back again and again for more? The kind of brand popularity that leaves people regularly checking their emails for your next newsletter or updating their browser for your big product drop? Building a strong audience following for your business starts with a deep knowledge of your target audience, messaging that regularly resonates with people, consistent branding, and high-quality content and ends with…  Well, it never really ends. If you want to scale your business and build an addictive brand through brand awareness online, here are a few places to start:   

Commit to Only Publishing Compelling, Thought-Provoking, Interruptive Content 

Interruptive content doesn’t mean retweeting or jumping on the latest news bandwagon in your industry. Well, perhaps it could start there. But the idea is to create an angle that nobody has thought of before, something that redefines the news in a new light.

“Content Marketing is the strategic marketing approach of creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action.” - The Content Marketing Institute


Creating head-turning, thought-defining content shouldn’t even read as a marketing pitch. It should start with the deeply unfulfilled needs of your target audience and end with the desire to meet those needs in the most effective, impactful, and ethical way possible. 

The best way to build an impactful content marketing strategy is to align your strategy with a more holistic vision of the goals of your brand. Developing a new product, like an energy-efficient vehicle? Stay on top of industry trends and news; make sure to engage in these conversations. But also create the news for yourself. Find ways to pitch your solution as the best possible, while also creating unique campaigns that have a twist. 

It’s okay to ride the latest marketing trends. Create the TikTok video. Find ways to harness Instagram’s latest “Add Yours” sticker story feature. But the trick is to do it in a way that brings real value to your customers. 



Be the Brand your Audience Needs

One of the best ways to provide to your audience that your product really is the one is to show them the before and after transformation that your product provides. We’ve all seen vacuum cleaner commercials that try to pull this off with gimmicky effects and fake happiness. That isn’t what I’m talking about here. 

The best way to create audience addiction is to:

  1. Evoke an emotional response through your content.
  2. Connect with your audience’s immediate needs on a deeper level.
  3. Stand out from the crowd by going over and above with your services and products. 

Creating an emotional response through your content can be seen as manipulative. I wouldn’t recommend guilting your audience, which, aside from the ethical ramifications, will also produce negative emotional connotations with your product. Our world has enough distressing and triggering situations as it is.

Stick to emotional associations like joy, happiness, or humor. Consider using memes or humorous content to add a more relatable touch to your brand and keep your audience engaged.

Connecting with your audience’s immediate needs on a deeper level can include ideas like recording and sharing testimonials from real-life experiences of your product or service or scripting common scenarios in which your business could solve a tangible problem. 

I once overheard a radio commercial for My Social Calendar, a service pitching itself as an alternative dating platform for singles. The  ad went on and on about how the service was better than your common dating app, but I was left waiting for the “Why?”. it just never seemed to hit the mark on what made it so much better than the average dating app. It lacked the solution to a problem. 

The best way to figure out your customer’s common problems is to go straight to the source: don’t assume, don’t be a mind reader. After all, pain points, like buyer personas, can change. 

Circulate a poll around to gather more information about your customer’s needs. Then, find a unique way to meet those needs and solve a common problem. Finally, communicate that in the most effective and creative way possible. 

Standing out from the crowd with quality customer service goes a long way, much farther than (I would argue) any strategy, costly marketing campaign ever would. 

My husband and I just watched two YouTube documentaries back to back about two different, overly-hyped, and ultimately very disappointing video games that resulted in a backlash of negativity from the gaming community: No Man’s Sky and Fallout 76. 

After No Man’s Sky fell far short of expectations, Hello Games Ltd, its creator, went into full isolation mode without profit for months to fix the most immediate issues with the game. Their efforts ultimately redeemed the game and won back the loyalty of fans. On the other hand, Bethesda, a larger conglomeration, ignored complaints from its customers when Fallout 76 fell short

Which scenario do you think paid off? Hello Games Ltd redeemed itself and went on to create an award-winning game. Bethesda faced a class action lawsuit for unfulfilled promises.

No ship is too big to sink: don’t be like Bethesda. 

Pay Attention to Brand Consistency and Authenticity

As a good practice, put together a brand guideline for your business with standardized elements like typography, color palettes, themes, moods, and messaging. Not only will this add professionalism to your brand and organization for your team, but it will also yield brand recognition value and your unique look will eventually become a positive association that followers will recognize in their feed.

(PS – does your business need a brand guidelines sheet? Talk to our team here!)

Brand authenticity creates unity and trust, a factor that is becoming more and more important in the age of rampant information technology. 

“An authentic brand is one that decides to be transparent and consistent in its messaging and branding initiatives. It has business values it remains true to, and most essentially, it is honest.” - Michael Georgiou at Forbes


For example, if you’ve established yourself as a holistic, organic, or ethical brand, deviating from this brand value and introducing bad chemicals into a product could severely damage your brand reputation, cast a negative light on all of your products and services. 

Subway recently came under fire when a lab allegedly found no discernable tuna DNA in Subway tuna-based items on the menu. The allegation immediately cast a negative light on the brand and its famous tagline: “Eat Fresh.”

Finally, Become More Community-Focused: The Tribe Mindset

Brands around the world are becoming increasingly community-focused, and for good reason. Tribal mentality is the natural desire to be a part of a singular mission or to surround yourself and connect with like-minded people. Your business brand can harness the power of the tribal phenomenon by giving your followers opportunities to unite around common goals and express themselves in unique ways. 

Providing a platform for people to speak and be heard, shining a light on true experiences, giving back to your community, and asking your followers to take the lead on an important goal or objective, are just a few of the ways that you can bring followers together in a meaningful way.  

Beyond the inherent beauty of creating a tribe-minded community as a brand, your business itself will benefit, too! Ancillary benefits could include an increase of sales, popularity, retention, product performance, and engagement as a result. 

Looking for more support to build an addictive brand? You can learn more about our services here and get a quote here!

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